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Are U.S. Parents Happier than Non-parents? Evidence from Time-Dairy Data

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Short answer: Depends.

Let me explain. Using time-diary data including information about the what respondents did the previous 24 hours, with whom, where, and how they felt, we compared five well-being measures for U.S. parents and non-parents and found that parents reported more happiness than non-parents, but only during time spent with children; during time when children were not with their parents, adults raising children were just as happy as adults not raising children. For negative emotions - stress and fatigue - parents fared worse than non-parents across temporal contexts. We also explored variation by adult's gender and activity type.

Check out the full paper - open access and free to read - to find out more.

Citation: Daniela V. Negraia and Jennifer March Augustine. 2020. “Unpacking the Parenting Well-Being Gap: The Role of Dynamic Features of Daily Life across Broader Social Contexts” Social Psychology Quarterly.

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